Evoclean, 8 Product, High Flow, No Controller or Interface


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Evoclean, 8 Product, High Flow, No Controller or Interface

***This product can have a 5-7 day lead time***

The EvoClean is a low maintenance, venturi-based, waterpowered laundry unit. It features an integrated control system that can be used for applications requiring four, six or eight products and also offers an integrated flush manifold, 'out-of-product' alarm and optional remote formula select.
- 4 products in a single cabinet
- Zero maintenance - No peristaltic tubes, no routine maintenance, low total installed cost, no moving parts
- Energy saving
- Wide range of output - 500ml/min or 1500ml/min
- 6 or 8 product dual cabinetry with integrated control
- Out of product alarm
- Remote external alarm
- Remote Formula selection
- Mls/kg programming function
- USB programming up to 21 Formulas
- Integrated flush manifold

EvoClean with Total Eclipse Controller:

The EvoClean is a venturi-based, water-powered laundry dispenser. It is compatible with the Total Eclipse Controller and can be used for on-premise laundry applications requiring three to eight products. It also includes an integrated flush manifold.

EvoClean Advantages Flexibility:

The system is available in 4, 6 and 8 product configurations with two chemical flow rates. Low Flow is 550 mL/min (18.6 oz./min) and High Flow is 1500 mL/min (50.7 oz./min).

Reduced Installation Time, Service and Labor:

The EvoClean's integrated flush manifold and compact design reduces installation time. In addition, there are no squeeze tubes, which means a reduction in service parts and labor.

Predictable Wash Results:

The EvoClean does not experience a reduction in delivery performance over time due to squeeze tube wear. The unit only has to be calibrated once and will not underdose chemicals. This contributes to more predictable wash results.

Easy to Handle:

EvoClean is 50% lighter than other traditional peristaltic pumps and takes up less space in the laundry facility.

Water and Energy Savings:

EvoClean uses less water due to the eductor that restricts flow to 0.5 GPM or 1.0 GPM, depending on the model. It also uses less energy since it does not use AC or DC motors.


The EvoClean is fully compatible with the Total Eclipse controller and can be retrofit to existing Total Eclipse controllers by flashing new firmware onto legacy controllers.

Flexible, Safe and Easy to Use:

The Total Eclipse Controller has a 20-formula capacity and features Auto Formula Select. A large LCD display features formula names, as well as trigger and pump diagnostics. Low voltage "plug-and-play" connections result in a quick installation.

Premium Reporting Capabilities:

Summary reports on product usage, costs per formula, system settings and diagnostics-in addition to an activity log-are easily downloaded to the USB flash drive and viewed or imported. Data reports in HTML format can be read directly into Excel spreadsheets Security All programming is protected by your own chosen passcode.
  • Model: HYDE128H35G

Evoclean, 8 Product, High Flow, No Controller or Interface

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