Multi-Washer 3000 Three Washers, Eight Products, with EvoClean


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Product Description

Multi-Washer 3OOO Series with EvoClean for On-Premise Laundry

Designed to manage chemical dispensing for on-premise laundry sites, the Multi-Washer 3000 Series with EvoClean offers cost-saving potential and cutting-edge reporting.

The Multi-Washer 3000 Series with EvoClean provides reliable and accurate dosing that can support up to 3 washers and dose up to 8 products within a single system. The Multi-Washer 3000 Series with EvoClean utilizes precise venturi-based dosing technology to accurately and repeatably deliver doses under 30 mL /1 oz and reduce water, energy, and rewash costs. Additionally, the system does not utilize squeeze tubes nor is it subject to degradation like other peristaltic technologies, resulting in lower maintenance costs. These unique features combined with Hydro Connect offer on-premise laundry facilities a costeffective and easy-to-use platform that provides actionable data to improve up-time and operational efficiency.

Flexible and Easy to Configure

- Consolidated footprint offers up to 20% space savings
- PCB-based control with reporting through Hydro Connect
- Units support up to 3 washers with 4, 6 or 8 products
- Make configuration changes remotely - adding a formula, changing a dosing amount, or switching the dosing mode
- Configurable water flush between each dose
- Reduce rewash and precisely control each dispense

Hydro Connect

All Hydro Multi-Washer units have the ability to communicate remotely through Hydro Connect. This means clients can access reporting information and make configuration changes remotely from any global location with an internet connection versus making costly site visits.

Users report saving up to 90% in maintenance costs as a result. Hydro Connect is a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform that gives chemical providers and end users increased visibility into their operations, optimizes production, reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Hydro Connect utilizes data generated from the Multi-Washer system to provide valuable, actionable insights along with simple observations and recommendations. Additionally, clients can make configuration changes without traveling to sites.
  • Model: HYDSPD0092

Multi-Washer 3000 Three Washers, Eight Products, with EvoClean

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