Knight MX Plus, 1 Product Bucket Fill, 4 gpm, Flex Gap


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Knight MX Plus, 1 Product Bucket Fill, 4 gpm, Flex Gap

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Key Benefits:
- Tool-less Components
- 1/4 turn connections; double o-ring design.
- Snap-on Cover
- Large, easy-to-use paddles with locking catch
- Engines slide into snap-guides for easy service and re-configuration
- Easily service diaphragm with 1/4 turn cover
- Compact footprint
- Both Aire-Gap and Flex-Gap backflow devices to meet national and local codes The MX Plus family of dispensers are the industry's most flexible and field serviceable. Available in an assortment of configurations centered around one, two, and three engine cabinet designs to provide an ample selection of products for most any application. The large buttons are easy to operate and can be locked into the on position by simply engaging the catch. Another push releases the button and stops the flow. The dial-4 selector has a tactile click for each selection of product. Spray bottles can be filled using one hand by pushing the bottle against the actuator bar. Prefer the water coming in from the left instead of the right? No problem! A quarter turn of the water quick connect allows it to be quickly swapped with the quick connect plug. Wish to upgrade from a single product to a dial 4 selector? No problem! Slide the engine assembly out of the snap guides. Remove the single product engine with a quarter turn. Replace with a dial-4 assembly. Pop out the blanking plate from the cover to reveal a round hole for the dial selector. Connect your four chemical supply lines and replace the snap-on cover.
Technical Data:
Flow Rates - 1 GPM (3.8 LPM) bottle fill 4 GPM (15.2 LPM) bucket fill
Back Flow Prevention - Flex-Gap or Aire
-Gap Maximum Water Temperature - 140 F (60 C)
Optimal Minimum Pressure - 30 PSI (2 bar)
Optimal Maximum Pressure - 60 PSI (4 bar)
Certifications - A.S.S.E. I.A.P.M.O. (UPC)
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  • Model: 7866104-F

Knight MX Plus, 1 Product Bucket Fill, 4 gpm, Flex Gap

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