Knight MX Solution Center Dilution Cabinet System, Flex Gap


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Knight MX Solution Center Dilution Cabinet System, Flex Gap

***All Knight products have a 2-5 day handling time***

The KNIGHT MX Solution Center is a cabinet dispenser chemical proportioning system designed to meet the needs of any institutional or industrial cleaning application.
The Solution Center provides two means of activating the proportioner. For the filling of spray bottles, the bottle is placed under the fill spout and activated by the simple push of a button. To fill buckets, the Solution Center features a bucket fill gun that is placed in the container and activated by the single push of a button.
The Solution Center will activate and dispense chemicals at the proper dilution rate when the bucket fill or bottle fill button is pressed and will stop when released.

- Bucket gun activation: The bucket fill gun has an attachment to secure it at the point of delivery.
- Bottle activation: Allows the operator to insert the spray bottle over the preformed fill tube and push in the button to start the dispensing process.
- 4 Solution: Allows from one to four chemicals to be dispensed, each with its own dilution rate. The operator turns the dial selector knob to the chemical to be dispensed and activates the unit using the bottle actuator or bucket trigger.
Performance - Up to 70% more accuracy
Reliability - Over 80,000 cycles at 150° F (65° c)
Durability - Rugged material & design for resistance against chemicals and user wear and tear
Easy of Use - Simple push button bottle and bucket fill
Serviceability - Easy access to internal components - Chemical lines stay Attached when servicing Installation - Ready to go out of the box - Pre-plumbed
Dimensions: H 26” x W 23” x D 7.75” Weight 16 Lbs.
Maximum Water Pressure: 125 PSI (8.6 Bar)
Minimum Water Pressure: 25 PSI (1.7 Bar) Optimum Water Pressure: 30 to 60 PSI (2 to 4 Bar)
Maximum Water Temperature: 140° F (60° C)
Materials of Construction: Case/cover: ABS
Flex Gap/ Aire Gap: Polypropylene
O-rings: Viton
Water Valve: Acetal
Water Inlet: Brass
Chemical Tubing: Vinyl
Chemical Compatibility Contact Factory for compatibility of all parts.
Vacuum: 28 inches (.93 Bar) at 50 PSI (3.4 Bar)
  • Model: 6931000-F

Knight MX Solution Center Dilution Cabinet System, Flex Gap

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