Knight Control Guard ACCS Base unit, 110VAC


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Knight Control Guard ACCS Base unit, 110VAC

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Knight Control Guard ACCS Base unit, 110VAC
The Control Guard ACCS (Advanced Chemical Concentration System) is designed with ease of setup and use in mind. By utilizing flow meter technology, the ACCS measures high concentrations of caustic, acid, rinse water or other liquids with an extremely high degree of accuracy (+/- 2%) thereby ensuring precise chemical feed control.
The Control Guard offers multiple 4-20 mA analog inputs which provide the flexibility of being utilized by any "Off the Shelf" probe whether it is pH, ORP, conductivity or other analytical measurements from a variety of popular manufacturers (Rosemount, Sensorex, etc.).
These features can be maximized by employing the Control Guard's distinctive data logging and reporting capabilities.
The Control Guard ACCS has the ability to operate up to 3 pumps of various designs including: Peristaltic, Air Operated Diaphragm (AOD) and Electric Diaphragm Pumps (EDP).
These can be employed in any of 4 modes of operation (signal, relay, repeat cycle and probe) either in conjunction or independently of one another. This allows for more complete and accurate control of your CIP process.
The improved user interface employs an enhanced 64X128 RGB backlit display that is combined with our easy to program 4 button control keypad which makes programming extremely user friendly and reduces the amount of set up time while providing critical process information with just a quick glance.
With data management and subsequent reports playing a crucial role in today's process environment the Control Guard ACCS enables Sanitation Managers to clearly address process parameters and status conditions with accurate reports as required by current regulatory requirements.

IP 65 rated (pending) waterproof enclosure (pending)
- Easy to view 64X128 RGB backlit display with enhanced electronics design
- Peristaltic pumps feature removable faceplates for quick squeeze tube replacement
- Dual regulated power supply options (115/230 VAC, 24 VDC)
- Ability to manage 3 pump styles (Peristaltic, AOD, EDP)
- Capable of operating in 4 modes (signal, relay, repeat cycle and probe)
- Order with flow meters for extremely precise dosing (+/- 2%) or in simple time based mode
- UL/CSA/CE approvals (pending)
- USB port for data uploads and downloads
- 4-20 mA inputs (3) that can be used for any "off the shelf" probe
- Inductive probe option with 3 inputs
- Low level capability with 3 inputs for dry contacts
- Case Dimensions: W 18" X H 10.5" X D 8" (46 cm X 27 cm X 20 cm) PC Application and Reporting Data Management Tool
- Simple system setup and data acquisition via a USB drive mounted internally to the case
- Reporting software that allows for complete monitoring of product usage, trends and any process alarm conditions
- Obtain verification of sanitation process procedures to assure optimal cleaning

  • Model: 6536100-01

Knight Control Guard ACCS Base unit, 110VAC

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