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Knight Dairy-Chem Plus 2-Part System, Teat Dip Chemical Dispenser 2 x 1.5 gpm


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Knight Dairy-Chem Plus 2-Part System, Teat Dip Chemical Dispenser 2 x 1.5 gpm

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2-Part system: Two chemical concentrate teat dip blending system: 2 x 1.5GPM(5.7LPM) EDP pumps with PVDF flow meters, controller and mounting kit The KNIGHT Dairy-Chem Plus teat dip blending system is designed to produce factory quality dairy farm hygiene chemistry in real time as they are consumed by the dairy farm. This simple yet sophisticated system relies on advanced patent pending flow metering and embedded control software technology to produce consistent high quality teat dips from concentrate. The Dairy-Chem Plus can produce a variety of dairy cow udder treatment solutions including Iodine, Chlorine Dioxide and Chlor Hexidine tailor made to current farm conditions. Dairy Chem Plus's valuable reporting tools gather useful data to better monitor parlor procedures, track usage, and assure optimal udder hygiene.

- Increased profitability by blending on-site from concentrate
- Easily adjust your iodine or emollient concentrations depending on herd conditions
- Blend unique teat dip formulations not available in factory ready to use form
- Change formulations in an instant using concentrates already on the farm
- Precise and controlled metered blending with patent pending flow meter technology
- Reporting software allows for complete monitoring of usage, costs, trends, alarms, and production Precise and Accurate "Smart Dosing"
The Dairy-Chem Plus flow meter "Smart Dosing" volumetric based formulation blending is superior to any water-powered chemical blending system.

Consider these important performance advantages over water-powered pumping solutions:
- "Smart" control software and flow meter feedback does not allow formulations to vary from the prescribed recipe
- Out of product conditions (pumping air) produce an immediate alarm message and system shut down to prevent use of improper dip on cows
- Concentrates are metered to +/- 2% accuracy
- Fluid line components will not corrode - Flow meter feed back provides precise chemical usage data for managing teat dip usage and enforcing good teat health processes
- Commercial dairy farmers desire useful information to control their costs and enforce good herd management practices.
  • Model: 7667120

Knight Dairy-Chem Plus 2-Part System, Teat Dip Chemical Dispenser 2 x 1.5 gpm

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