Knight Suction/Discharge fitting, EPDM, ELL, 1/2"


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Knight Suction/Discharge fitting, EPDM, ELL, 1/2"

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CleanGuard chemical pump is Knight's newest addition to Knight's line of extensive pumps. The CleanGuard is an electric diaphragm pump with flow rate of .4 or 1.5 or 3.2 gal/min. (1.5 or 5.7 or 12 liters/min.).
CleanGuard's continuous duty rated motor can run on 115 VAC to 24 VAC power supply eliminating the need for expensive electrical installation cost.
Quick release fittings
60 PSI pressure switch turns pump off/on
Motor is internally sealed against moisture
Quick disconnect electrical connection to pump
Fuse protection with main power on-off switch
Part Number: 1600802
  • Model: 1600802

Knight Suction/Discharge fitting, EPDM, ELL, 1/2"

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