Knight User interface board (LFP-EDGE)


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Knight User interface board (LFP-EDGE)

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**All Knight Products Have a 2-3 Day Handling Time**

The Edge is an intelligent liquid control system designed to optimize in-plant cleaning chemical control. This system completely automates the dispensing of chemicals and records critical usage data.
At the push of a button, the Edge dispense concentrated cleaners in precise measured amounts into jeri cans or other portable containers.
The Edgecan be used to simply transfer each product to a container or to blend any combination of up to ten products with water, and dispense it to jugs, foamers, and other vessels.
The Edge system can also dispense chemicals direct to specific equipment in the plant such as CIP tanks or satellite drop stations.
Edge can be programmed to deliver exact chemical formulations tailored to the specific requirement of each cleaning task. Programmable user ID codes prevent unauthorized use of the system.
Allow integration of other in plant chemical feed pumps and systems
Reliable, fast concentrate or
  • Model: 7142000

Knight User interface board (LFP-EDGE)

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