Knight Chem-Trak Jr. Power supply (230V 50/60 Hz)


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Knight Chem-Trak Jr. Power supply (230V 50/60 Hz)

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Chem-Trak Jr is an advanced yet simple chemical dispensing system designed to service up to four washers with capacities up to 114 kg. Washers are accurately and automatically dosed with up to eight chemicals through a single chemical and water flush line at flow rates up to 1065 ml/min.
A central microprocessor control receives each chemical request from the washers and reliably manages the specific chemical volume delivered to the load. Smaller laundry facilities can now realize the same benefits of many large plants including: Centralized chemical storage One dispenser on the wall Fewer chemical delivery lines Rapid chemical dispensing with flush Data management reports in plain text and Excel formats

90 Formula capability
Simple programming w/menu-driven display
Simple user Interface w/formula indicator
Automatic formula select
Reliable Knight peristaltic pumps
Detailed data management reports
Integrated chemical flush manifold
Low voltage controls
Network to other Knight dispensers
Reliable Knight peristaltic pumps (800/1200 ml/min)
Load weight entry
Windows compatible PC software
Part Number: 7224513-02
  • Model: 7224513-02

Knight Chem-Trak Jr. Power supply (230V 50/60 Hz)

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