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Knight One-Shot OS-100LXT 1 Product Liquid Dispenser with External Transformer


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Knight One-Shot OS-100LXT

The One-Shot chemical dispensing system is engineered to dispense one or two chemicals into laundry machines from 17 lb. to 125 lb. capacity. Chemical feed is triggered by direct interface to the washer or manually activated by the user via the dispenser or optional remote activator. A unique "Product Lockout" feature helps you control costs and product consumption.

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For Top Load or On-Premise Laundry Machines in nursing homes, restaurants, motels, shirt laundries, hotels, car wash stations. Also restaurant pot and pan sinks and multi purpose mop bucket dispensing applications.

Delay Time Activation

Start Button Disable Option

Improved Signal Qualifying

One Second Manual Start

Relay Mode For Microprocessor Washers

Watertight, Impact Resistant, Thermoplastic Case

One Touch Microprocessor Based Programming

Proven Reliable Peristaltic Pump (10oz./min.)

Exclusive Programmable Product Lockout

Manual or Automatic Dispensing

Trigger Input 14VAC - 250VAC

Built-in Transformer 115/230VAC to 24VAC

Optional Remote Activator

Product Brochure
Product Manual
  • Model: 8600201-P1
  • FLS

Knight One-Shot OS-100LXT 1 Product Liquid Dispenser with External Transformer

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