Lafferty Vision Satellite PF Entryway XV Foam Sanitizer


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Product Description

The Vision Satellite Pump Fed Entryway XV Foam Sanitizer is an automated foam applicator for projecting sanitizing chemicals on to floors of 8'-16' wide/overhead doors to prevent cross contamination. When activated, this system is fed with RTU chemical solution from a central chemical feed system. Rich, clinging foam is created by injecting compressed air into the solution to greatly increase volume and coverage ability. Foam is then projected through the discharge hose and two HV Spreader nozzles. Vision Satellite units are activated by compressed air from the Vision Controller and operated by compressed air local to the satellite - no electrical connection is required at the entryway location. The Vision Controller features highly flexible programmable settings with multiple options to precisely manage the foam sanitizing of up to six zones of multiple doorways with independent settings for each zone.

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Key Features:
- Applies a layer of rich, clinging foam to entryway floors to prevent cross-contamination
- Designed for 8'-16' wide double doors
- Fed with ready to use chemical solution from a central chemical pumping system
- The two unique HV Spreader nozzles (one on each side of the door) lay a combined foam pattern 8'-16' across and 10' wide to ensure all foot traffic and cart wheels are fully exposed to the sanitizer
- Automatic activation and shutoff for use in moderate to high traffic areas
- Activated by compressed air from the Vision Satellite Controller - no electrical connection required at the entryway door.
- Each Vision Satellite Foamer requires a separate direct connection to compressed air for foamer operation
- Adjustable foam consistency (wet/dry)
- Chemical resistant wetted components ensure durability and years of reliable service with minimal maintenance
- Used in conjunction with a 6-Zone PLC Vision Entryway Satellite Controller (#976710):
- Allows variable settings for holidays, weekly or seasonal changes hours of operation and peak traffic demands
- Controls up to 6 satellite zones simultaneously, with up to 10 Vision Pump Fed Satellites per zone.
- Each zone is programmed independently
- Available for smaller doors (#976724, 976725)
- See Catalog 6 for other entryway configurations

- Stainless steel mounting plate
- Air activated air solenoid
- Air activated stainless steel solution solenoid
- Machined polypropylene foamer body
- Foam enhancer
- 10' discharge hose
- (2) HV Entryway SpreaderTM nozzles (must use both)
  • Model: 976726

Lafferty Vision Satellite PF Entryway XV Foam Sanitizer

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