Lafferty Portable 20 Gallon Liberty LC Foamer


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Product Description

Portable 20 Gallon Liberty LC Foamer is a medium volume venturi foam applicator designed for facilities with low or fluctuating water pressure. It projects foaming chemicals on to any surface up close or at distances up to 10 feet. This unit features an all stainless steel 4-wheel cart and enclosure and uses a cost-effective Flojet air-operated, double-diaphragm pump to draw water from the 20 gallon tank and provide the pressure for the venturi "LC Foamer". The LC Foamer body draws and blends chemical concentrate into the water stream to create an accurately diluted solution. Compressed air is injected into the solution to greatly increase volume and coverage ability and rich, clinging foam is projected through the hose, wand, and fan nozzle.

Key Features
Draws water from the 20 gallon water tank and blends it with chemical concentrate "on-the-fly"
Switch to a different chemical by simply swapping concentrate container
Cost-effective Flojet AODD "booster" pump supplies the water pressure required by the LC Foamer
No chemical passes through the pump
Projects a medium volume of rich, clinging foam which increases chemical contact time and effectiveness
The water flow is regulated by the LC venturi foamer body to match the mid-range of the air pump's specified operating range which protects the pump from running at maximum capacity, extending pump life
Fan pattern nozzle with up to 10' foam throw
Covers up to 500 sq ft (46.5 sq m) in 2.5 minutes
Adjustable foam consistency (wet/dry)
SafeFlowTM Jug Lid to keep out chemical contaminants, reduce odors, and prevent spills.
Available in five color-coded configurations
Chemical resistant wetted components ensure durability and years of reliable service
Available as a wall-mounted unit (#941307)
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All stainless steel 4-wheel cart with 1 gallon jug rack
Non-marking tires & stainless steel swivel casters
20 gallon, wide-mouth, polyethylene water tank
Lockable, stainless steel pump enclosure
Air inlet ball valve and regulator/filter
Flojet 1/4" AODD pump (Santoprene diaphragm)
Machined polypropylene LC Foamer body
20 color-coded precision metering tips to set dilution ratios
SafeFlow? Lid for 1-gallon jug
40' discharge hose, stainless steel ball valve, polypropylene foam wand & fan nozzle

  • Model: 941387

Lafferty Portable 20 Gallon Liberty LC Foamer

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