Lafferty RADAR AP-MM Foam System


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Product Description

The RADAR AP-MM Foam System is an electric eye activated foam applicator that mounts to a user-supplied drive-though arch for applying asphalt release chemicals to truck beds. It is designed for facilities with low or fluctuating water pressure. This system uses compressed air to drive a rugged Sandpiper air-operated, double-diaphragm pump which draws chemical concentrate and water from separate static tanks and blends them "on-the-fly" to create an accurately diluted solution. Rich, clinging foam is created by injecting compressed air into the solution to greatly expand volume and coverage ability. When a truck breaks the electric eye's line-of-sight, a delay timer allows the driver to position the truck under the foam bar before foaming begins and a run timer applies release agent for a pre-set time or until the vehicle leaves the foaming area, whichever is first.

***Most Lafferty items have a 3-7 day lead time***

Key Features:
- Projects asphalt release chemicals on to truck beds from a foam bar that attaches to an existing drive-through bar
- Rich, clinging foam increases chemical contact time and coverage for maximum effectiveness
- The rugged Sandpiper AODD pump draws chemical concentrate and water from separate static tanks and blends them "on-the-fly"
- The system delays for an adjustable length of time when a truck breaks the beam of the electric eye, allowing the driver to position the truck, before activating for an adjustable, pre-set length of time
- The driver remains in his cab and avoids the risk of slip-and-fall injury and chemical waste
- Evenly coats the truck bed in just seconds, reducing run-off and chemical waste
- Foaming will stop if the driver leaves the area early
- A float valve assembly attaches to, and automatically refills, a user-supplied static water tank
- Achieves a range of dilution ratios using a metering manifold to control chemical and water flow
- Chemical resistant wetted components ensure years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance
- Available as a spray applicator (#977841)
- See other Lafferty asphalt release equipment and industrial chemical applicators in Catalog 8

- Lockable, stainless steel pump enclosure
- Control box with delay/run timers & electric eye set
- 1/2" Sandpiper AODD Pump (Santoprene diaphragms)
- Machined polypropylene metering manifold
- Machined polypropylene foamer body
- Water tank float valve assembly
- 40' discharge hose and PVC foam bar with 4 fan nozzles
  • Model: 977930

Lafferty RADAR AP-MM Foam System

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