Lafferty 633 Compact Fogger


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Product Description

The 633 Compact Fogger is a damp mist sprayer that uses compressed air (3.7 CFM @ 80 PSI) and venturi action to draw ready-to-use chemical solution from the attached bottle and project it up to 15 feet. The adjustable output can wet surfaces at close range or spray mist (fog) into the air to cover exposed surfaces and penetrate hard-to-reach areas.

***Most Lafferty items have a 3-7 day lead time***

Key Features:
- Portable hose-end fogger makes it easy to fog hard-to-reach areas or where fixed location foggers are impractical
- Easy to use! Just fill the bottle, connect compressed air, and press the thumb gun activator
- Atomizes and sprays chemical solutions using only compressed air
- Venturi action draws pre-diluted chemical from the attached bottle
- Projects up to 15'
- Damp fog (mist) fills the air and covers exposed surfaces with chemical, including hard-to-reach areas
- Fog/mist can be adjusted: Included metering tips can reduce chemical usage for "drier" output; or an optional needle valve can reduce air flow for "wetter" output.
- Lightweight 32 oz bottle reduces wrist and arm fatigue as well as the risk of repetitive strain injuries
- Chemical resistant components ensure durability and years of outstanding performance
- Lid color options help identify equipment to enhance safety (blue standard - red, yellow, or green optional)
- Available with lower projection distance and compressed air volume requirement (#950000-B)
- See Catalog 7 for hand held, permanently mounted and portable foggers
- Use the Lafferty Fogger Planning Tool to design the optimal fogging system for any facility

- Thumb gun
- Machined polypropylene fogger body
- Metering tip holder
- 10 color-coded precision metering tips
- 32 oz wide-mouth, polyethylene bottle
  • Model: 950001-B

Lafferty 633 Compact Fogger

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