Lafferty 207HC 2-Way Acid Mixing Station


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Product Description

The 2-Way 207HC Acid Mixing Station has a water flow rate of 2 GPM @ 40 PSI and is a "high concentrate" 2-chemical proportioner for diluting highly corrosive chemicals, such as those used to remove concrete and for aluminum brightening. Use the chemical ball valves to inject the 2 chemicals separately or simultaneously. This acid-resistant venturi injection system uses city water pressure (40 - 80 PSI) to draw and blend a high concentration of acid into the water stream to create up to a 1:1 ratio. Ball valve activation allows for hands-free dispensing into any container.

***Most Lafferty items have a 3-7 day lead time***

Key Features:
- Achieves strong dilution ratios, up to 1:1 (with water thin chemicals)
- Weaker ratios controlled by precision metering tips & plugs
- Designed to apply 2 different chemicals or 2 different concentrations on the same chemical
- Water flow rate of 2 GPM @ 40 PSI for filling any sized container or equipment
- Eliminates manual mixing and optimizes chemical utilization, employee safety and labor efficiency
- Ball valve activation allows for hands-free dispensing
- Corrosion-resistant wetted components ensure years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance
- Industrial-strength design holds up in tough environments
- Draws chemical concentrate from any sized container
- Available for just one chemical (#980208)
- See other chemical management systems in Catalog 9

- Polypropylene mounting bracket and cover
- PVC water and chemical inlet ball valves
- Machined polypropylene injector body
- 20 color-coded precision metering tips to set dilution ratios
- Metering plugs to set 2:1 & 3:1 dilution ratios
- 10' open flow discharge hose
  • Model: 980210

Lafferty 207HC 2-Way Acid Mixing Station

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