Lafferty Recycle FPS-Transfer System


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Product Description

The Recycle FPS Transfer System is a chemical transfer system for filling any sized container with chemical concentrate or ready-to-use solution. Compressed air powers a FloJet air pump which draws chemical from a bulk container and dispenses it into any other container. This unit features an adjustable run/delay timer which cycles continually 24/7, and an on/off rocker switch for manual activation and shutoff.

***Most Lafferty items have a 3-7 day lead time***

Key Features:
- Transfers chemicals from bulk containers into any sized container or cleaning equipment safely and without mess
- Timer activates pump to transfer chemical and then delays prior to reactivation
- Cycles continuously to transfer chemical at regular intervals
- Adjustable run and delay time
- Rocker switch for manual activation and shutoff
- Transfer chemical concentrate or ready-to-use solution
- Pump mounted on a unique Lafferty quick-release, stainless steel bracket to easily replace pumps
- Discharge hose stabilizer coupling protects pump discharge outlet from abuse
- Increases employee safety and labor efficiency
- Chemical resistant wetted components ensure years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance
- See transfer systems for up to 5 chemicals and other chemical management systems in Catalog 9

- Polypropylene mounting panel
- Control box with recycle timer and rocker switch for manual control
- Air regulator and air pressure gauge
- FloJet AODD Pump with Santoprene diaphragms
- Stainless steel pump quick release bracket
- 15' chemical pickup tube
- 15' discharge hose
  • Model: 941624

Lafferty Recycle FPS-Transfer System

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