SEKO OPL Advantage OPL-LV5


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SEKO OPL Advantage OPL-LV5

The OplAdvantage line offers any OPL or OPPL a perfect solution. The range of dispensers features three pump sizes with
multiple output volumes ranging
from 10 to 68 ounces per minute.

Microprocessor timed systems for liquid product applications.
- Peristaltic dosing systems Low Volume, 5 Pumps
- Nema 4X degree protection enclosure, Class 2 electrical insulation
- Pump can be programmed in seconds
- 9 formula capability
- 3 Products can be dosed simultaneously
- Pumps dosing time and delay time adjustable from 0 to 255 seconds
- Automatic restart in case of electrical blackout, chemical level control available on demand,
remote control and Signal Interface included, suitable for every type of laundry machine.
- Automating switching (100-240VAC 50/60Hz)
- Flush kit not included, available on demand

Flow rate: 10oz/min made for commercial laundry machines < 65 lbs.
6 Input Signals: 20 to 230 Vac
Power Supply: Automatic switching 100 to 240 Vac 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 30 W Max
  • Model: OPL-LV5 SAB5PM00U000

SEKO OPL Advantage OPL-LV5

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