SEKO Promax Button 1 Product A Gap 4 GPM


Product Description

SEKO Promax Button 1 Product A Gap 4 GPM

The ProMax features the latest in proportioning
technology, reducing flow restriction
and maximizing performance even in lower water pressure situations.
ProMax, originating from SEKO's industry renowned
R&D laboratories is the latest, most intuitive and cost
effective dispensing system available in the market
By combining the revolutionary technology of patented
hydrodynamics and user friendly, image enhancing
features unique to ProMax, SEKO has produced the
perfect solution for all institutional and light industrial
chemical dilution applications.

Modular chemical dilution and proportioning dispenser
- Fill small and large containers for all cleaning applications
- Button to fill bucket & bottle
- 1 product model
- Flow rate at 4GPM (16 L/min)
- Pistol-grip and tubing for remote actuation available for systems at 3,5 or 8 GPM flow rates
- A-Gap backflow preventing devices certified ASSE 1055, UPC, ANSI, ASME
- Backflow: Air-gap

  • Model: 4GPM PXB1A16U0000

SEKO Promax Button 1 Product A Gap 4 GPM

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