SEKO Kontrol 500, Chlorine, Controller


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SEKO Kontrol 500, Chlorine, Controller

Professional single-parameter controller designed for advanced water treatment applications

Kontrol 500 are professional controllers designed for advanced water treatment applications. All models are equipped with analogue and digital outputs that can be set by the end user via software with full programming authority for the user. The Kontrol 500 controller features PID regulation delivering automatic adjustment of the chemical parameters ensuring a much higher level of efficiency. The standard Serial Port RS485 device is a first step to communication with a local network, moreover Kontrol 500 can connect to the web thanks to a hub communication device. This feature further enhances the controller's range of benefits and allows remote setting and control by the technician. The integrated Data logger function provides feedback on parameter measures and by using the USB port it is possible to download the list of parameters.

Professional single-parameter controller designed for advanced water treatment applications. Parameter setting can be done via a keyboard and a graphic display that ensures a fast set up and final check on the programming data. SEKO's attention to detail when it comes to reducing operating costs over the lifetime of its controllers extends to the easy to navigate menu that enables simple setting of the various options eliminating the costly risk of forgetting anything. The same smart internal menu also allows users to view and analyze statistics on the probe life and operating life of the controller, while the common programming language, as found across all of the Kontrol range, means routine calibration can be done quickly and effectively even across multiple Kontrol models at any given installation.

The controller has galvanized electricals to ensure reliable performance and offers CE Class 1 certification ensuring full health and safety compliance.

The enclosure box is IP65 classified and features both wall and panel mounting. The innovative box design with inbuilt smart fasteners means electronic circuits can be easily maintained, eliminating the need to remove electrical connections that have already been made.

Kontrol 500 benefits from SEKO's application expertise and has been designed to be specifically suited to the following applications: drinking water, irrigation systems, fish farming, cooling water treatment , swimming pools, flocculent dosing systems, waste water, pure water, plating and reverse osmosis.


- Chlorine 0 - 2; 5; 10; 20, 200 ppm

- 144x144 mm

(By software: H2O2, O3, CLO2, C2H4O3)
  • Model: SEKO K500CLWM0000

SEKO Kontrol 500, Chlorine, Controller

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