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SEKO Maxima Plus MGR 800 with Analog Interface and FPM Seal


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SEKO Maxima Plus MGR 800 with Analog Interface and FPM Seal

Digital dosing pump with constant or proportional flow rate, manually adjustable 0-100%, level control input. - Analog interface and constant dosage manually adjustable, proportional flow rate according to an external signal (4/20 mA), or digital signal (water meter). - Regolation knob (percentage and "n" value in multiplication mode); 6 porition adjustable switch: 3 in division mode (1, 4, 10 equals to n), 1 in multiplication mode (n equals to 1/10), 1 for proportional 4 divided by 20 mA signal, 1 for constant functionality; Pacing function adjustable by dip-switch. - PVC suction tube, PE delivery tube. - Case made in PP reinforced with fiber glass, IP65 rated. - Flow rates: from 8 to 25 l/h - Max back pressure: up to 14 bar - Power supply: 100 divided by 240 Vac - 50/60 Hz - Stroke rate: 300 strokes/minute - Stroke length regulation: from 30% to 100% - Seal: FPM - Pump head & Connections: PVDF - Balls: Ceramic - Diaphragm: PTFE - Color: Blue/Grey - Manually priming valve - Complete installation kit composed by: foot filter, injection valve, screws. - Installation kit: Included
  • Model: MGR.800.E.N.H.H.0.0.B.0

SEKO Maxima Plus MGR 800 with Analog Interface and FPM Seal

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