SEKO Professional ph Probe


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SEKO Professional ph Probe

pH measurement and control plays a key role in almost every water-treatment application, with SEKO's comprehensive range of probes delivering repeatable results to help operators achieve their targets. The knowledge of pH, which represents a classic measure of the acidity or alkalinity of water, is essential in many applications that involve chemical laboratory analysis.

pH meters are used to control water quality in situations such as the water supply of cities, swimming pools, environmental remediation, food and beverage production processes and many other applications. The electronic pH meters measure the potential difference between two electrodes present in the probe immersed in the solution and display the corresponding value, converted into pH. The probe has a special glass membrane, permeable to the hydrogen ion H+ which allows it to reach the measuring electrodes; the quality of the glass determines the quality of the probe in terms of sensitivity, response speed and mechanical resistance.

- SPH1-Water&Pool-DJ: pH 2-12, T=0-60 degree celsius, P=6 bar,

- Body=PP, Membrane= Glass, D/J, L=6m, BNC
  • Model: SEKO SPH1-WP-DJ

SEKO Professional ph Probe

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