SEKO DrainDose Timed Drain Dosing System


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Product Description

SEKO DrainDose Timed Drain Dosing System

Blocked drains caused by a build-up of grease are a common occurrence within commercial kitchens, causing inconvenience and expense to operators of cafes, restaurants and other food-service outlets.

DrainDose from SEKO offers a low-maintenance solution to this common problem, a compact unit fitted discreetly beneath the sink that periodically doses enzymes into the drain line, breaking down fat before it can solidify and form a blockage. This fit and-forget solution is available in both mains and battery-powered versions, is quick and easy to programme and represents an invaluable asset to any commercial kitchen.


- Ultimate solution for dosing enzymes into drains & grease traps at pre-determined intervals

- Up to 48 programmable dosing events per day

- Easy programming through 2x16 display & 4 keys

- Available with mains power supply or D-cell batteries

- Flow Rate: 3.25oz/min

- Pressure: 14.5PSI

- Power Supply: D-cell battery
  • Model: DDDB0105E4U000

SEKO DrainDose Timed Drain Dosing System

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