SEKO WashBasic LLL Basic Laundry System


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SEKO WashBasic LLL Basic Laundry System

WashBasic LLL is the new dosing system that renews the look of the former OPL Basic EVO. This advanced automatic system for OPL applications gives the operator multiple options for managing the dosage of three liquid chemical products for washer extractors up to 30 kg (60lbs). SEKO's outstanding integrated ball bearing provides support and stability to the drive shaft, making roller pressure on the squeeze tubes more uniform and extending both motor and tube life.

- Triple peri pump with programmable washing formulas

- 3 trigger inputs 20-265VAC

- Power supply 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz; Power consumption 40W

- Flow rate: 8oz/min, Pressure: 1.5PSI

- Sekomed squeeze tubes

- Optional flushing manifold
  • Model: WBA1515156MU000

SEKO WashBasic LLL Basic Laundry System

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