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Economical Hand Soap 55 Gallon Drum


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Economical Hand Soap, 55 Gallon Drum

Save money buying in bulk with this 55 gallon drum of hand soap. Wash your hands with this economical, degreasing liquid soap. It has a rich, velvety lather that leaves your hands fresh and clean without drying out your skin. This product works in unison with most refillable bulk soap dispensers including wall mounts and countertop pumps.

It is a reddish-pink colored soap. It is also available in other sizes under our Snee Hand Cleaners category.

This is an institutional, bargain priced soap for institutional use. It is made primarily for use in schools, office buildings, shipyards, warehouses, gas stations, prisons, etc. It is ready-to-use, requiring no dilution.

This product is also available in different sized containers in our "Snee Hand Cleaners" category. We always recommend trying our products in smaller quantities prior to ordering 55 gallon drums.

**55 gallon drum orders require an additional 3-5 day handling time.**

1 gal
4/1 gal (case)
5 gal pail
30 gal drum (add 3-5 days)
55 gal drum (add 3-5 days)

  • Model: 02 EHS 55
  • FLS

Economical Hand Soap 55 Gallon Drum

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