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Mint Absorbent Granules, Case of 12


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Mint Absorbent Granules

One case of 12 (qty), 1.25 lbs containers.

Mint Absorbent (Granules) 20 oz jar

Absorb spills and eliminate odors with this scented absorbent. Mint Absorbent will neutralize vomit, urine, and other foul odors; or quickly absorb milk, cola, coffee, juice, and additional liquids. Once absorbed, this product makes it easy to sweep up the mess with a dustpan and neutralizes any acids.

This product rose to popularity in schools, but can be used in office buildings, hospitals, homes, public buildings, hotels, theaters, and retail locations.

Sprinkle or toss a generous amount of Mint Absorbent over desired area. After product has time to absorb liquid, sweep or vacuum. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended when cleaning bodily fluids.

Ideal for quick removal of liquid and bodily fluids; also use in cigarette urns, ashtrays, and dumpsters.

12 / 1.25 lb containers per case
20 oz cans
  • Model: DEO MG
  • FLS

Mint Absorbent Granules, Case of 12

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