Orange 90 Degreaser Organic, Case of 4 Gallons


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Orange 90 Degreaser Organic, Case of 4 Gallon

Orange 90 is an all natural, solvent degreaser for extremely heavy duty soils. It contains no petroleum or chlorinated solvents. ORANGE 90 is 100% active, a blend of 90% d-Limonene and 10% detergent. It quickly penetrates and dissolves grease, oil, dirt, cosmolene, gum, rubber marks, carbon, creosote, inks, tar and asphalt.

- All natural solvent degreaser. Contains a blend of 90% d'Limonene and 10% detergent surfactants for 100% activity.
- Excellent choice for removing those tough-to-clean substances like gum.
- Declogs and maintains drain lines and grease traps.
- Will quicky penetrate and dissolve grease, oil, dirt, cosmolene, rubber marks, carbon, creosote, inks, and many other stains.

- Physical Form: Liquid
- Color: Orange
- Scent: Citrus
- Specific Gravity: 0.84
- Total Solids: 10%
- Total Solvent: 90%

Removing gum: Dilute 1 part ORANGE 90 with 2 parts water. Apply diluted product, allow product to penetrate soil. Agitate, wipe or rinse away soil.
Maintaining drain lines & grease traps: Use weekly to keep drains free flowing. Pour 8 ounces down drain. Let stand for 10 minutes, then flush drain with hot water. If drain is slow, repeat every 2 to 3 days until drain flows freely.
Deodorizing: Add 4 ounces to a gallon of cold water. Spray or mop onto surface. Controls odors around dumpsters, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, kennels. Can be applied by drip method or fogging around sewage treatment plants.
Degreasing: For general cleaning and degreasing use 4 ounces to a gallon of water. Let stand for several minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 60871-0000004

Orange 90 Degreaser Organic, Case of 4 Gallons

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