ProBio OdorOut Gentle Formula 32oz, case of 12


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ProBio OdorOut Gentle is a safe and effective ready-to-use spray that instantly eliminates all nitrogen-based odors (like urine or feces), leaving a pleasant scent, even in diapers or waste containers. It uses a patented, proprietary process known as "Spontaneous Oxidation-Reduction" to destroy odor molecules at the source.

It contains no bacteria or enzymes, meaning it's both biodegradable and safe for use around kids and pets. ProBio OdorOut Gentle is also fabric-safe and OK for use on hard surfaces, flooring, and carpet. Plus, it's gentle enough to use on a baby mattress, which means it's perfect for children's rooms, daycares, play areas, and more.
  • Model: ECO 775240

ProBio OdorOut Gentle Formula 32oz, case of 12

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