Smoke Out Cannabis Odor Remover Fogger 32oz, case of 12


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Product Description

Easily control and neutralize the unmistakable odor of cannabis with SmokeOut Cannabis ready-to-use (RTU) spray.

Musky and skunk-like, the pungent smell of cannabis can be tough to remove from drapery, upholstery, beddings and linens, pillows & mattresses, furniture, carpets, vents & filters, and more. However, SmokeOut's scientifically tested and approved formula completely neutralizes odor molecules caused by unburned or smoked cannabis.

SmokeOut Cannabis RTU Spray is suitable for hospitality, casino & gaming, automobiles, dispensaries, manufacturing, processing, residential & commercial buildings, vacation rentals, and carpet cleaners and steam cleaners. For use in an electrostatic sprayer, follow manufacturers' directions.

How does it work? SmokeOut Cannabis RTU Spray's patented Vapor Phase Technology chemically combines with odor molecules to destroy cannabis smells in minutes. Can be used daily to proactively protect against odor build-up in areas of heavy use.

Need to get the smoke out? Trust SmokeOut Cannabis RTU Spray.
  • Model: ECO 775512

Smoke Out Cannabis Odor Remover Fogger 32oz, case of 12

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