Smoke Out Odor Remover Spray 32oz, case of 12


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Product Description

SmokeOut RTU (ready to use) instantly and safely removes smoke-related odors on contact, instead of simply masking odor-causing molecules (such as an air freshener).

Formulated to eliminate the stubborn unpleasant odors left behind by cigarettes, cigars, and pipes, SmokeOut destroys smoke smells at their source-both in the air and on fabrics and other porous surfaces.

When used as directed on furniture, rugs, linens, pillows, mattresses & bedding, air filters & vents and more, SmokeOut chemically alters, neutralizes and destroys offensive smoke & tobacco odors. If the source of the odor is not reintroduced into the room, the room will remain deodorized.

Suitable for hospitality, casino & gaming, automobiles, manufacturing, residential & commercial buildings, vacation rentals and carpet cleaners & steam cleaners. Can be used preventatively to protect against odor build-up in heavy-usage areas. Safe for use in cars or other small spaces. Also, SmokeOut destroys odors from fire damage as well as nitrogen (urine) odors.
  • Model: ECO 775522

Smoke Out Odor Remover Spray 32oz, case of 12

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