CMA E-Temp 480V Upcharge (Factory Installed Only)


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Product Description

CMA Dishmachines' booster for Conveyor Machines provides up to a 70 degree temperature rise.

- 208V / 240V, 480V, single and three phase configurations.
- Single element (40 degree) vs. dual element option (70 degree)
- Tank plug for single element option
- Separate 208 / 240V 3 phase power connection required (electrical connection point provided inside conveyor control panel)
- Pre-plumbed, wired, and secured to the dishmachine
- Non-pressurized system for safe operation
- 40 degree rise
9kW @ 208V, 25 amps
12kW @ 240V, 29 amps
12kW @ 480V, 15 amps
- 70 degree rise
15kW @ 208V, 42 amps
20kW @ 240V, 48 amps
18kW @ 480V, 22 amps
- Field convertible from 40 degree rise to 70 degree rise.

Warning: Plumbing connections must be made by a qualified service company who will comply with all available Federal, State, and Local Health,
Plumbing and Safety codes.
  • Model: CMA 480V

CMA E-Temp 480V Upcharge (Factory Installed Only)

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