CMA-01155.00, 9-Compartment Growler Bottle Washer Rack,1 Rack


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The standard Bottle Washer Rack has (9) compartments, holding up to 6" diameter bottles. The rack height is determined by the size of the bottle. CMA Hi-Temp Sanitizing Bottle Washer Rack is great for washing and sanitizing all shapes and sizes of bottles. This concept is ideal for "Growler Bottles" for Micro Breweries. The racks are fitted with a spray manifold system that places a strategically positioned spray jet inside the neck of each bottle. The Bottle Washer Rack comes with wash and rinse adapters that replace the lower wash/rinse arms. The adapters are fitted with hoses that quickly connect & disconnect to the side of the Bottle Washer Rack for easy and fast removal of the rack. The 180UC machine can be converted from dish washing to bottle washing in just a few minutes.

To convert the machine to a Bottle Washer, the lower wash and rinse arms are easily removed and replaced with the (9) Compartment Growler Rack.
  • Model: CMA 01155.00

CMA-01155.00, 9-Compartment Growler Bottle Washer Rack,1 Rack

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