CMA-12508.05, Dish Machines Low Chemical Alarm Kit, 220V


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Product Description

Available for all low-temp chemical sanitizing dishmachines. Features an audible alarm when the dishmachine dispenser runs out of product. The alarm will automatically let the operator know when to replace dishmachine chemicals.

Installation Instructions:
- Using provided screws and wall anchors, install the sanialarm box on the wall closest to the dishmachine control box.
- Attach the conduit fitting to the back of the control box.
- Connect white wire to the power block inside the control box (connect to the white terminal).
- Connect orange wire to the bottom terminal on the timers third micro-switch (drain micro switch).
- Connect chemical lines to vacuum switch.
- Prime sanitizer pump

The dishwasher is now equipped with the Low level Chemical alarm system. It will alert the dishwasher operator when the sanitizer supply bucket is low and needs to be changed.
  • Model: CMA 12508.05

CMA-12508.05, Dish Machines Low Chemical Alarm Kit, 220V

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