CMA Model 180 SB, Straight High Temperature, 220V 60Hz 3P with Booster


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Product Description

High temperature, straight-through design with its own built-in booster heater, producing 60 racks/hour . Features an external scrap trap accumulator with stainless scrap drawer, electrical wash tank heater and auto fill. 17-1/2" maximum clearance for dishes. The Safe-T-Temp feature assures a 180 degree final rinse. Safe-T-Temp locks the machine in the wash cycle until the booster heater thermostat has been satisfied. This model can be converted to a corner application.

- 60 racks / 240 covers per hour.
- Economical to operate. Uses only .82 gallons of water per cycle.
- Automatic soil purging system. Filters wash water and traps plate debris into an external tray. Tray can be easily removed for dumping contents.
- All stainless steel construction offers durable performance and years of trouble free operation.
- Built-in chemical resistant industrial 7kW (240V) heater is proven to be more durable than commercial style heaters.
- Unique spray arm system features upper and lower stainless steel wash arms with reinforced end caps.
- Auto start/stop makes operation safe and easy.
- Field convertible for a wide range of applications.
- Safety Temp feature assures 180 degrees F sanitizing rinse every cycle.
- Single point electrical connection.
- Automatic tank fill.
- Interchangeable upper and lower arms.
- Built in Delime switch.

Top mounted control box is water tight and includes a rack counter, extended wash/delimer switch and easy to read temperature gauges.

External scrap tray maintains clean wash water and prevents debris from clogging the drain.

Unique pull-pin design allows wash arms to be easily removed for cleaning.

Industrial wash tank and optional booster heaters are designed for years of trouble free service.

Available Options:
- Exhaust Fan Time Control
- Built-in 12kW booster heater
- CMA-180 Conversion Kit Straight to Corner
- Alternative electrical available for export
- Stainless steel dishtables
- Dual power supply connections
- 3 doors open
- Slant Shelf
- Stainless Steel Scrap Trap Upgrade

Depth 25" (63.5Cm)
Width (Outside Dimension) 25"-1/2" (65Cm)
Total Height With Door Open 78"-79" (198-212Cm)
Standard Table Height 34" (86.3Cm)
Max Clearance For Dishes 17-1/2" (44Cm)
Drain Connection (Off Floor) 11-1/2"-12-1/2" (29-32Cm)

Summary Specifications: CMA Model 180 SB
The model CMA-180SB single tank, high temperature dishwasher is designed for years of trouble free service, producing sparkling results while conserving energy, water and chemicals. This machine is available with an optional "built in" booster heater, assuring a continuous supply of 180 degrees F hot water, and is easily field convertible for either corner or straight installation. Unique soil purging system filters wash water and plate debris into an external tray. The CMA-180SB is NSF, UL, CUL approved. Constructed entirely of stainless steel.

***Please note this item can have a 3-4 week lead time***

Available Models:
- CMA-180S Straight
- CMA-180SB Straight with booster
- CMA-180C Corner
- CMA-180CB Corner with booster
  • Model: CMA 01633.32

CMA Model 180 SB, Straight High Temperature, 220V 60Hz 3P with Booster

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