CMA Model E-AH, Upright Low Temperature, Extended-Door Dish Machine


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Product Description

Single rack, convertible model (straight-through, corner or 3-door). Features include an outside drain sump, chemical pumps, prime switches, top mounted controls, automatic start/stop and a delime switch. Produces 40 racks/hour and has a 17" clearance for dishes. Available models include: E-AH, E-C, E-3-Door

***Please note this item can have a 3-4 week lead time***

- 40 racks / 160 covers per hour.
- 17" Door opening for maximum clearance.
- Economical to operate. Uses only 1.01 gallons of water per cycle.
- All stainless steel construction assures long life and years of trouble free operation.
- Unique spray arm system features upper and lower stainless steel wash arms with reinforced end caps.
- Top mounted controls include built-in chemical pumps and deliming system for dealing with scale.
- Auto start/stop makes operation safe and easy.
- New integrated scrap tray prevents food soil from entering drain system.
- Airgap fill system.

Requires a separate 208-240v
3 phase 40 amp power supply

Available Options:
- Alternative cycle times
- Solid/Powder Dual Bowl Dispenser
- 3 Door Open
- Stainless Steel Tables
- Alternative Cycle Times
- Alternative Electrical Available
- Slant Shelf 21" x 42"
- Stainless Steel Scrap Trap in lieu of Poly Pro

Note: Some US States may require Energy Star ratings for Commercial Dishwashers. The specifier or installer is responsible for knowing their local codes, standards, and regulatory requirements. This product was certified and met the requirements of previous Energy Star Version 2.0 for commercial dishwashers as required by some states.

Depth 25-3/4" (65.4Cm)
Width (Outside Dimension) 25-3/4" (65.4Cm)
Total Height With Doors Open 80-1/2" (204Cm)
Standard Table Height 34" (86Cm)
Maximum Clearance For Dishes 17" (52Cm)

Operating Temperature:
Required 120 degrees F (49 degrees C)
Recommended 140 degrees F (60 degrees C)

Water Consumption:
Per Rack 1.01 Gal (3.8 L)
Per Hour 40.4 Gph (152.9 Lph)

Water Requirements:
Water Inlet 1/2" (1.27Cm)
Drain-I.P.S 2" (5.1Cm)

Summary Specifications: CMA Model E-AH
CMA Energy Mizer model E-AH low temperature, chemical sanitizing commercial dishwashers meet ETL, UL, and CUL sanitation and construction standards without the use of booster or tank heaters. The model E-AH is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Each unit automatically washes, rinses and sanitizes utensils in standard 19-3/4"-19-3/4" racks. Units come with standard upper and lower stainless steel wash arms. Note: This machine does not have built-in heaters, therefore produces no steam.

Advisory: CMA does NOT endorse "Tankless On-Demand" water heaters for use on CMA Dishmachine products. CMA DOES endorse, and highly recommends, the standard "tank" style water heaters, sized properly to handle each particular facility with their water heating requirements.

- Plumbing connections must be made by a qualified service company who will comply with all available Federal, State, and Local Health, Plumbing and Safety codes.
- CMA recommends utilizing a water softening system to maintain water hardness measurements of 3.5 gpg (grains per gallon) or less. This will assure maximum results and optimum operation of the dishmachine.
  • Model: CMA 01603.16

CMA Model E-AH, Upright Low Temperature, Extended-Door Dish Machine

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