Wareforce HT-180-FL High Temperatire, Front Loading with Ventless and Energy Recovery Dish Machine


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Product Description

With our Ventless and Energy Recovery option, you can place our TempStar High Temp Dishmachine virtually anywhere. All you need is a cold water connection, a 60 amp breaker and a drain! At 41 racks per hour, the TempStar with Ventless and Energy Recovery is one of the highest capacity ventless units on the market. It requires only 10 PSI at the rinse arm for proper operation.

Measurements: 32" x 30.88" x 82"
Weight: 358 LB
Clearance: 17.25"

Specified unit will be a Jackson TempStar VER ventless high temperature sanitizing door-type dishwasher with two-pass energy recovery system, rated by ETL Sanitation to NSF/ANSI Standard 3. Unit will be ENERGY STAR certified. Unit to be rated for 41 racks per hour, 0.89 gallons per rack, and will include a built-in 70 degrees F rise booster heater with Sani-Sure final rinse system, four (4) selectable timed cycles, and solid-state controls. Other features include automatic tank fill, door-actuated start, interchangeable upper and lower wash/rinse arms, manual/delime wash mode, vent fan control, and 1 HP stainless steel wash pump motor. Constructed of durable stainless steel with adjustable bullet feet.

- Front Loading High temp
- Ventless: does not require a hood
- Unique, two-pass Energy Recovery System
- Cold water connection only
- Door interlock keeps door locked during cycle
- Cleans 41 racks per hour, using only 0.89 gallons of water per rack
- More racks per hour than any other ventless door-type machine on the market
- Exclusive Sani-Sure final rinse system ensures proper sanitation is achieved every cycle
- Built-in 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) rise booster heater is standard, 40 degrees F (4 degrees C) rise available
- Four (4) selectable timed cycles
- Fully automatic, including auto-fill
- Easily accommodates 18" trays
- Self-draining stainless steel pump (no cast iron or plastics) ensures no detergent carryover between wash and rinse cycles
- Field convertible from three-phase to single-phase and vice versa (kit required)
- Field convertible from straight through to corner and vice versa (kit required)
- Delime/manual wash switch
- Top mounted controls are easy to read and access
- Door switch
- Durable stainless steel construction
- Adjustable bullet feet
- Uses standard 20" x 20" (508 mm x 508 mm) racks
- Available in electric only
- Requires some assembly
- Door-actuated start
- 17 1/4" (438 mm) vertical chamber clearance
- Specially designed stainless steel nozzles provide superior cleaning action
- Interchangeable upper and lower wash/rinse arms
- 1 HP self-draining stainless steel wash pump motor
- Large scrap basket
- Pressure regulator is provided for installation by others
- Single point connections for all utilities
- Low watt density electric wash tank heater
- Hi-limit thermostat and low water protection
- Detergent/rinse additive signal connection fuse box
- Front stainless steel dress panels
- Uses standard 20" X 20" (508 mm X 508 mm) racks
- 1-year parts and labor warranty

Options & Accessories:
- 460V Electrical
- Single Phase
- Drain Water Tempering Kit
- Water Hammer Arrestor False Panel (for corner installations)
- Flanged Feet
- Security Package
- Scaltrol
- Replacement Cartridge for Scaltrol
- 36-Compartment Rack
- 4-1/8" tall (105 mm)
- 5-5/8" tall (143 mm)
- 7" tall (178 mm)
- Combination Rack
- Peg Rack

*Racks per hour calculated with NSF suggested load time of five (5) seconds for door-type (straight thru)
  • Model: JW HT-180-FL VER

Wareforce HT-180-FL High Temperatire, Front Loading with Ventless and Energy Recovery Dish Machine

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