CMA Model L-1Xe, Low Temperature Undercounter Glasswasher, w/Heater


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Product Description

The energy-saving undercounter low temperature model produces 40 racks/hour and has a 12-1/4" maximum clearance. Features include all stainless steel construction, built-in chemical pumps and prime switches, instant start, upper and lower stainless steel spray arms, a built in sustainer heater and a pump purging system.

***Please note this item can have a 3-4 week lead time***

- 40 racks / 160 covers per hour.
- Economical to operate. Uses only 1.19 gallons of water per cycle.
- All stainless steel construction assures long life and years of trouble free operation.
- 12-1/4" door opening.
- Unique spray arm system features upper and lower stainless steel wash arms with reinforced end caps.
- Built-in chemical pumps and deliming system assures proper chemical usage.
- Convenient to service "Work-in-a-drawer". All electrical components are attached to a sliding drawer for easy access and service.
- Pumped drain allows for flexible installation. Requires no floor drain.
- Pump purging system improves results by eliminating soil and chemical carryover during rinse cycle.
- Stainless steel pump impeller. Offers extended life and service.
- Built-in strainer in water inlet system to prevent water valve from clogging.
- Two dishracks included.
- Built-in prime switches.
- Built-in instant start.
- Door safety switch makes operation safe.
- Sustainer Heater

Available Options:
- The "TEMP-SURE" requires a separate 240v 3 phase 40 amp power supply
- 6" Stainless Steel Legs
- 4" Stainless Steel Legs
- Alternative electrical available for export

Depth 23-1/2" (59Cm)
Width 24" (61Cm)
Height 33-1/8-34-1/8" (84.7-87.3Cm)
Maximum Clearance Height For Wares 12-1/4" (31Cm)

Summary Specifications: CMA Model L-1Xe
CMA Model L-1Xe Energy Mizer low temperature undercounter chemical sanitizing commercial dishwashers meets UL and CUL sanitation and construction standards without the use of booster heaters. The CMA Model L-1Xe is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Each unit automatically washes, rinses and sanitizes food service utensils in standard 19 3/4"X19-3/4" racks. Units comes standard with upper and lower stainless steel wash arms. The L-1Xe incorporates a pump purging system that improves results by eliminating soil and chemical carryover during rinse cycle.

- Plumbing connections must be made by a qualified service company who will comply with all available Federal, State, and Local Health, Plumbing and Safety codes.
- CMA recommends utilizing a water softening system to maintain water hardness measurements of 3.5 gpg (grains per gallon) or less. This will assure maximum results and optimum operation of the dishmachine.
  • Model: CMA 01674.00

CMA Model L-1Xe, Low Temperature Undercounter Glasswasher, w/Heater

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