Wareforce CG-115 Glasswashers, Chemical Sanitizing Rotary-Type Dish Machine


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Product Description

The Delta 115 is the 115 volt version of our Delta 1200. It cleans 1200 glasses per hour on a carousel conveyor that prevents glassware chipping. It features a 12" clearance that accommodates taller glasses and stemware, plus stainless steel construction of wash arms, rinse arms and manifold. This must-have glasswasher includes built-in chemical pumps, onboard chemical storage, and a stainless steel scrap screen.

Measurement: 25.25 x 25.25 x 39
Weight: 210 LB
Clearance: 12"

Specified unit will be a Jackson Delta 115 chemical sanitizing rotary glasswasher with clockwise rotation, and a composite carousel conveyor that prevents damage to glassware. Unit will be NSF rated, and will include
detergent, rinse aid and sanitizer pumps with priming switches. Unit to be rated for 1,200 glasses per hour. Features include wash tank heating element, 1/10 HP wash pump motor, low-water protection for wash pump
and wash tank heating element, choice of hot- or coldwater final rinses, gravity drain, chemical storage inside unit, and double-wall cabinet. 115/60/1. Constructed of durable stainless steel with adjustable bullet feet.

- Chemical Sanitizing Rotary-Type Glasswasher
- Automatic conveyor system with composite carousel to prevent damage to glasses, mugs and stemware
- Low temp
- Electric tank heat
- Built-in chemical pumps and priming switches
- 12" clearance allows cleaning of taller stemware, glasses and mugs
- Cleans 1,200 glasses per hour
- Composite carousel conveyor prevents chipping and damage
to glassware
- Removable upper and lower wash/rinse arms with removable end caps for easy cleaning
- Adjustable rinse control allows hot- or cold-water final rinses
for flexible sanitizing methods
- Low water protectors for pump and wash heating element
- Single-switch, auto-fill operation
- All stainless steel construction wash arms, rinse arms and manifold
- Quick-removal side panel allow tool-free access to vacuum breakers for ease of service
- Easy access to remove scrap screen
- Simplified front access to all controls and chemical settings
- Convenient, expanded chemical storage inside machine
- Built-in chemical pumps and priming switches
- Double-wall cabinet for quiet operation and reduced heat loss
- Wash/rinse temperature gauges
- Gravity drain
- Efficient 1/10 HP wash pump motor
- Durable Stainless Steel Construction
- Clockwise rotation
- Adjustable bullet feet
- Solid-state and electromechanical controls
- Fits compactly underbar
- Conveniently located conveyor drive motor
- Available voltages
- 115/60/1 (Delta 115)
- 208/60/1 or 230/60/1 (Delta 1200)
- 1-year parts and labor warranty

Options & Accessories:
- Scrap Tray
- Water Hammer Arrestor
- Scale Prevention System (SPS)
- Replacement Cartridge for SPS
  • Model: JW CG-115

Wareforce CG-115 Glasswashers, Chemical Sanitizing Rotary-Type Dish Machine

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