Machine Dishwash Chlorinated Powder, 25lbs Box


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Machine Dishwash Chlorinated Powder, 25lbs Box

Powdered machine dishwash detergent. Chlorinated to keep coffee, tea, and lipstick stains from depositing on china and plastic dinnerware.

- Specially formulated. Keeps lime, magnesium, and iron precipitates in solution. Prevents water hardness from forming a film on glasses, dishes, silver.
- Consists entirely of the very best wetting, penetrating, dispersing, cleaning, and free rinsing agents.
- Can be used on all types of machines.
- Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect the machine.
- No spotting, no foam, free rinsing, complete cleaning.
- Will not harm anything that can be washed and rinsed in hot water. Safe on all dishes, glassware, and silver.

- Physical Form: Powder
- Color: White
- Scent: Lemon
- Specific Gravity: 0.88
- Density: 54.67 lbs. per cubic ft.
- pH 2%: 9.45
- Active Alkalinity: 6.965%
- Total Alkalinity: 28.196%

To help you get the same good results that others enjoy:
- Pre-rinse dishes, glassware and silver.
- Rack dishes carefully so the water can do its work.
- Use 1400 to 1600 F wash water.
- Use 1800F minimum rinse water.
- Start machine with 1/2 cup Chlorinated Dish for every 16 gallons of water in wash tank.
- When operating a manual control, add a teaspoonful of Chlorinated Dish every fourth rack of dishes, glassware or silver.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 30162-0000025

Machine Dishwash Chlorinated Powder, 25lbs Box

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