No Foam Liquid Glass Wash, Case of 4 Gallons


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No Foam Liquid Glass Wash, Case of 4 Gallon

Liquid glass wash concentrate. Tailor-made for use with electric glass washers. Mild to hands.

- Will not foam even in high-speed electric glass washers.
- Contains no abrasives, alkalies, soap. Exceptionally mild to hands.
- Dries film free for sparkling clean glassware.
- Specially formulated for bar cocktail glasses.
- Effective in hot or cold water.
- Concentrated, economical.

- Physical Form: Clear Liquid
- Color: Pink
- Scent: None
- Specific Gravity: 1.01
- Density: 8.43 lbs. per gallon
- pH As Is: 1.65
- pH 2%: 2.55
- Total Solids: 17.9%

Use hot or cold water.
Use only 1/2 to 1 fl. oz. to 5 gallons water, depending on hardness of water. Rinse glassware after washing and allow to air dry. Toweling is not necessary. Recommendations for 3 tank set-up:
Tank 1 -Use No Foam Glass Washing Detergent
Tank 2 -Use clear, clean water. Add Clear Glass Rinse for spot-free glasses
Tank 3 -Use Xtra Sanitizer

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 20121-0000004

No Foam Liquid Glass Wash, Case of 4 Gallons

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