See-Thru Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner, Case of 4 Gallons


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See-Thru Non-Ammonlateb Glass Cleaner, Case of 4 Gallon

Specially formulated with a balanced blend of grease cutting surfactants and solvents to quickly penetrate and remove dirt, soot, fingerprints, perspiration, and food soil on glass and other hard non-porous surfaces. Cleans, shines, and polishes.

- Will not streak or smear.
- Contains no ammonia - no strong ammonia odor.
- Polishes glass crystal clear, squeaky clean.
- Convenient - no diluting, no measuring. Simply spray, then rub dry with a clean, soft cloth.
- Versatile - excellent for cleaning windows, walls, glass, chairs, cabinets, vinyl, porcelain, telephones, Formica surfaces, and appliances.
- For use on automotive windshields, plastics, and Plexiglas?.

- Physical Form: Liquid
- Color: Red
- Scent: Solvent Odor
- Density/Specific Gravity: 0.0995
- pH 1% Solution: 10.7

Ready to use. Spray on surface to be cleaned. Rub dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. Can be used on most washable surfaces. If you are in doubt, try on a small area before proceeding.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 60287-0000004

See-Thru Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaner, Case of 4 Gallons

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