Fastball All Purpose Wipes, Case of 4, 300 count


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Fastball All Purpose Wipes, Case of 4, 300 count

Our most popular all purpose cleaner and degreaser. Cleans heavy duty stains and soils from nearly all surfaces. Each bucket includes 300 easy to use and durable wipes.

- Professional strength cleaning power for heavy- duty cleaning
- Super durable disposable wipes won't tear or break apart
- Each wipe is fully saturated with the optimal amount of Fastball for unmatched cleaning power
- Cleans virtually everything
- Includes 300 heavy-duty wipes per bucket
- Durable bucket and lid seals tight to keep cleaning wipes moist
- No need for water or towels
- One case includes 4 buckets of wipes
- Made in the USA

- Physical Form: 6? x 9? Disposal Wipes
- Color: White
- Scent: Pine
- Specific Gravity: 0.95
- Density: 240 mm
- Foam Test (1% solution): 12.6
- Total Solids: 3.75 +- .5%
- Total Solvent: 11%

- Gloves are recommended while using.
- Pull out a heavy duty Fastball wipe from the center of the roll and feed through the opening in the center of the sealed lid.
- Wipe over area to be cleaned, allowing the cleaning solution to penetrate and lift away the stains.
- Applying additional pressure or wiping multiple times may be needed for heavy duty cleaning.
- Use additional wipes as needed.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 21638-0004300

Fastball All Purpose Wipes, Case of 4, 300 count

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