Orange Fury Cleaner Degreaser, 12 Quart Case


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Orange Fury Cleaner Degreaser, 12 Quart Case

Strengthened by natural orange solvents for quick, safe removal of grease, dirt and grime, this powerful foaming spray and wipe cleaner degreaser is highly effective on removing tough, ground-in dirt, grime, and greasy soils from most washable surfaces. It clings to vertical surfaces without running. This versatile cleaner leaves areas sparkling clean with a fresh citrus scent.

- Fast acting - foams on contact for extra "Dwell time." Clings to vertical surfaces. Thoroughly emulsifies soils for quick, easy removal.
- Deep cleaning - cleans a variety of surfaces safely and quickly. Great for use on walls, tile, formica, vents, floors, metals, fabrics, filters, fixtures, plastics, fiberglass, and carpet stains.
- Convenient - no diluting and no measuring necessary. Eliminates mixing, spills, etc.
- Versatile - a useful product in any institution, business, or industry.

- Physical Form: Clear Liquid
- Color: Orange
- Scent: Orange
- Specific Gravity: 1.0068
- Density: 8.376 lbs. per gallon
- Foam Test (1% solution): Initial - 160 mm, 5 minutes - 145 mm
- pH As Is: 10.0
- Active Alkalinity: 0.116%
- Total Alkalinity: 0.230%
- Total Solids: 2.5%

Apply to area being cleaned with a foaming trigger sprayer. Let stand for several seconds. Using a soft towel or cloth, wipe until soil is removed. Do not allow to dry on surface.

To clean office equipment that should not be directly sprayed, apply cleaner to towel or cloth, then wipe surface to be cleaned.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 22114-0000012

Orange Fury Cleaner Degreaser, 12 Quart Case

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