System 6 All in One Cleaner, case of 4 gallons


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Product Description

System-6 is a novel single-component cleansing system developed to deliver unsurpassed cleaning performance in the most demanding janitorial and housekeeping applications. When using the System-6 dispenser (sold separately), 6 preset blends operate at the touch of a button to automatically measure, mix and dispense a ready to use cleaning solution. This means you can easily tailor your specific cleaning application, using your existing water source on site.

System-6 uses one single, 100% active proprietary product blend, without the need for fillers or builders. From glass to floors, carpets to hard surfaces, tiles to outdoor cleaning, System-6 reduces chemical inventory while keeping any facility clean and safe. With less dwell time and less mechanical action required, System-6 Concentrate is a cost-effective cleaning option that outperforms solvents and peroxide-based cleaners. It's a solution you can use with confidence; it provides exceptional hot and cold water rinsing, is free from alkylphenol ethoxylates and is readily biodegradable.
  • Model: ECO 775290

System 6 All in One Cleaner, case of 4 gallons

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