Cherry Xtreme Heavy Duty Cherry Scented Hand Cleaner, 4 Liter Case


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Cherry Xtreme Select 4 Liters Case

Fortified with mild, low odor solvent and pumice to help remove tough soils without irritation. Pleasant cherry scent helps to neutralize residual odors of diesel, petroleum or other products from hands. Also includes skin conditioning ingredients to keep hands from drying and cracking.

- Fortified with pumice to dig down deep.
- Quickly and thoroughly penetrates, liquefies, and removes stubborn industrial soils such as grease, tar, carbon, asphalt, inks, resins, paints, and adhesives.
- Our mild, low odor solvent formula has a pleasing cherry fragrance that effectively neutralizes residual odors of diesel and other petroleum products from hands. Hands are left clean with a mild cherry scent.
- Easy on hands. CHERRY XTREME is formulated with emollients that prevent dryness, by replacing skin oils, leaving hands soft.
- Rinses away quickly and completely.

- Physical Form: Viscous Liquid
- Color: Cherry Red
- Scent: Mild Cherry
- Specific Gravity: 0.92
- pH: 7.5 +- .5
- Shelf Life: 1 Year
- VOC Compliant: Yes

Apply a small amount of CHERRY XTREME to dry hands. Work thoroughly into hands, knuckles, and under fingernails. Begin to rinse with a small amount of water while continuing to work hands. Thoroughly rinse with water and dry hands.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 60951-0000404

Cherry Xtreme Heavy Duty Cherry Scented Hand Cleaner, 4 Liter Case

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