Lava Pumice Bar Soap 5.75 oz, case of 24


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Pumice Bar Soap, Lava brand (picture may not match actual product)

Wash your hands with this heavy duty bar soap which is manufactured using pumice, a by-product of volcanic activity and a natural scrubbing agent. Pumice Bar Soap removes grease, tar, ink, brake fluid, and other difficult to remove substances. Each bar is individually wrapped for easy access and distribution. This item is tailored for use in warehouses, shipyards, repair shops, garages, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and homes.

Moisten bar with water and rub thoroughly over the hand. Concentrate your scrubbing efforts where grime and soil has built up, especially near fingernails and knuckles. Rinse and dry hands after scrubbing.

Pumice Bar Soap is sold in bulk by the case quantities only.

Individually wrapped | 4.75 oz | Green in color

48/1 bars (case)

  • Model: HEW 2

Lava Pumice Bar Soap 5.75 oz, case of 24

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