Rough & Ready Hand Cleaner, 6, 5.25lbs Case


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Rough & Ready Hand Cleaner, 6, 5.25lbs Case

Deep cleaning cream (paste) hand cleaner with volcanic pumice, an aggressive scrubber. An essential hand cleaner for mechanics, machinists, painters, line and construction workers, and industrial workers.

- Cleans, conditions, and protects. Tough on dirt, mild on hands.
- Works fast dissolving dirt, heavy grease, ink, paint stains, and many other stubborn soils.
- Contains a blend of the highest quality cleaners, soil-suspending agents, gentle emollients, and an aggressive scrubber to help loosen, lift, and remove embedded soil.
- Enriched with a special oil which acts as solvent to make oil-soluble soils, dirt, easy to wipe off skin. Also acts as a lubricant, preventing excessive skin moisture loss.
- Contains the skin conditioners Lanolin (an emollient that conditions and softens skin) and Glycerin (a humectant that helps skin retain natural moisture). There is no greasy feeling.
- Contains the antiseptic ingredient PCMX (Parachloro- metaxylenol).
- Contains no kerosene or ammonia. Pleasantly scented. Rinses completely leaving no offensive odor on hands.

- Physical Form: Opaque Cream (Paste)
- Color: Green
- Scent: Fruit
- Density: 8.4 lbs. per gallon
- Total Solids: 33.5%
- Total Activity : 55.9%

Do not wet hands with water. Apply to palm of hand. Rub until soil is loosened. Work well into crevices at knuckles and fingernails. Wipe hands with a towel, or rinse with water if desired. Repeat if necessary for extremely stubborn soil.

Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
  • Model: Warsaw 62135-0006225

Rough & Ready Hand Cleaner, 6, 5.25lbs Case

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