SKY - Pink Almond Lotion Soap


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SKY - Pink Almond Lotion Soap

Wash your hands with this liquid soap designed to work with a cartridge style bag-in-box dispenser. Pink Almond Lotion Soap is a high suds gentle skin cleanser that leaves your hands fresh and clean without chapping or drying out your skin. It produces a rich lather and has an almond scent. It is ideal for a multitude of environments including: malls, office buildings, theaters, hotels, motels, barber shops, beauty salons, shipyards, warehouses, and retail stores.

Punch out perforated section of the bag-in-box soap cartridge to access rubber tube. Slide both tube and box into soap dispenser, careful to lock tube into place prior to closing cover. Bag-in-box soap is literally a bag of soap inside a cardboard box. Benefits of this system include shelf organization, stacking ability, and quick loading of replacement cartridges. Also, unlike bulk soap dispensers, bag-in-box systems don't require cleaning because the soap never comes in contact with the dispenser.

12/1 cartridges (case)

  • Model: SKY 7015

SKY - Pink Almond Lotion Soap

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