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Compare N Save Weed & Grass Killer 2.5 gal

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Product Description

Compare-N-Save Weed & Grass Killer 2.5 Gal

Maintain the appearance of your lawn with this weed and grass killer. It starts working in 24-hours and is rainproof in 2-hours. Compare-N-Save Weed & Grass Killer 2.5 Gal kills weeds down to the root-typically after a single application. It is ideal for parks, office buildings, schools, playgrounds, basements, warehouses, storage facilities, storerooms, stadiums, arenas, shipyards, and homes. Include this item as part of a predetermined buildings and grounds maintenance program; weed and grass levels should be routinely monitored to ensure a healthy and green lawn.

This product is designed to kill weeds and grass. It contains 41% Glyphosate and care should be taken when handling. Personal Protective Equipment is recommended. Refer to product label for further instructions.

Compare-N-Save Weed & Grass Killer 2.5 Gal comes in concentrated form. Concentrated formulas are an economical option for consumers because they are manufactured using fewer resources. However, care should be taken by the end-user to ensure the solution is properly mixed, thus creating a product capable of performing as described.

Annual weeds: 1 1/3oz per gallon of water yields 240 ready-to-use gallons
Perennial weeds: 2 2/3oz per gallon of water yields 120 ready-to-use gallons

2.5 gal
2/2.5 gal (case)
  • Model: RAM 75325
  • FLS

Compare N Save Weed & Grass Killer 2.5 gal

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