Aluminum Brightener, 275 gal Tote


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Product Description

Aluminum Brightener, 275 gal Tote

This powerful cleaner adds shine to dull aluminum finishes. It is highly concentrated and should be diluted as follows:

20:1 for normal use
10:1 for highly discolored aluminum

CAUTION: Personal Protective Equipment is required to use this product. Rubber gloves, boots, aprons, and protective eyewear must be worn.

This product has a pH of 1-2, it is a slightly yellow liquid with an acidic odor.

Active ingredients per SDS are:
Sulfuric Acid 14.32%
Ammonium hydrogen difluoride 9.3%
Ammonium bifluoride

  • Model: FBS AB-275

Aluminum Brightener, 275 gal Tote

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