Micro Sewer Solve, 4 gal case


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Micro Sewer Solve (02 MSS)

Micro Sewer Solve is live bacteria specifically designed for their ability to digest grease and eliminate odors. The bacteria cultures digest proteins, fats, oils, and greases. Use in grease traps, septic tanks, fields, cesspools, municipals, pipes, and drain fields. Dilutions vary according to use. USDA Authorized (L2). Phosphate free.

pH: 6.8 + 0.2
COLOR: Milky white
ODOR: Slightly floral

1 gallon
4/1 gallon cases
5 gallon pails
30 gallon drums
55 gallon drums
Pallets of 48 (qty), 4/1 gallon cases
Pallets of 36 (qty), 5 gallon pails

MSDS Sheet available after purchase

  • Model: 02 MSS

Micro Sewer Solve, 4 gal case

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